Delicious plov from a professional chef in Lankaran

Plov, which is the most favorite everyday and festive meal for any Azerbaijanis, is considered the king of Azerbaijani cuisine.
There are about 200 kinds of plov in the Azerbaijani cuisine. The delicious types of plov are as follows: Shah plov, chicken plov, noodle plov, lamb stew with chestnuts and dried fruit, parcha doshama – lamb under rice, fisinjan plov, plov with pumpkin, sabzi plov or green plov, plov with roasted carrots, milk plov and kuku plov (plov with an omelette) and etc.
Chicken plov is the most popular Azerbaijani plov and belongs especially to the southern part of the country, Lankaran city. A young chef from Lankaran Tural Karimli prepared a chicken plov in a different form, naming it "chama plov". As the chef explains, “chama” plov, which looks like pizza, means our plov.