LPG Gas Station EXPLODES Injuring Tourists

This is the terrifying moment an LPG gas station exploded injuring locals and tourists in Cambodia yesterday afternoon. A tanker truck containing 2,000 litres of the liquid fuel was transferring the gas to a storage tank behind the building when it suddenly ignited in Siem Reap province. Dash cam footage from a car shows how the gas station suddenly burst into flames - hitting passing motorcycle riders who were knocked to the ground from the force of the explosion.The driver said: ''I'm praying for those who were hurt. It's very lucky nobody was killed because it was a big explosion of LPG gas. It was very sad to witness it with my own eyes and see the people suffering after.'' Several pedestrians as well as those working at the shop were also hurt. It took more than one hour for firefighters to extinguish the blaze successfully.