Piper Gilles, Paul Poirier rebound from unusual wardrobe malfunction to win short dance

Ice dancer Piper Gilles' hair gets caught in partner Paul Poirier's costume at the Canadian Figure Skating Championships today.
Piper Gilles leaned in to inspect one of the bottom buttons on Paul Poirier’s shirt on Friday, then pulled a silvery hair from the button.
“There’s still hair coming off his costume,” Gilles said with a laugh.
The country’s top ice dance team had just overcome an awkward wardrobe malfunction to win the short dance at the Canadian figure skating championships.
Their quickstep program went awry just seconds in when Gilles looped under Poirier’s arm and caught the top of her braided crown of hair in Poirier’s button. It took several seconds – with Gilles stuck, bent at the waist, her mouth agape in shock – for Poirier to unhook them.