Last koala standing: Bittersweet moment Isaac is released back to his home after burns treatment – but it's so damaged 'it doesn't smell like home anymore'

A koala who was saved and treated for burns after fires ravaged his Adelaide Hills home has been filmed being released back onto the property from which he was saved - the only koala to survive.
But when the male koala, who workers from Adelaide Koala Rescue named 'Isaac', first saw his home on Saturday that was largely destroyed by fires in December, he paused and seemed to wonder where he was because of the devastation.
And maybe wonder where all his friends and family had gone - because Isaac was the only koala to survive.
In the clip, Isaac appeared to be confused by the lack of trees, burnt leaves and scorched earth that was now his home.
'Issac wasn't sure when we released him. It didn't look or smell like home anymore and the poor guy must wonder what happened last month,' the short clip is captioned.