Foreign students of Baku Higher Oil School expressed gratitude to those who are fighting the coronavirus

A group of foreign students from Nigeria, Pakistan and Kazakhstan studying at Baku Higher Oil School (BHOS) observe the regime of self-isolation from the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19) by staying in the Student House of BHOS.
The BHOS employees informed these students about the requirements of the Special Quarantine Regime. In addition, foreign students are provided with medical protection means and food as necessary.
The resolution with which the medical workers, with the support of our government, are fighting the coronavirus as part of the social isolation measures implemented in our country, has not escaped the attention of the foreign students. They expressed their gratitude to the local medical staff.
The students noted that the courage shown by the medical workers, policemen and military men in their fight in their fight against the coronavirus pandemic (COVID-19), which is spreading rapidly all over the world, should be an example for all people.
It should be noted that the foreign students did not leave Azerbaijan for their countries because of the high efficiency of the preventive measures taken by the government to prevent the spread of the coronavirus pandemic in the republic.