Baganis Ayrim truths: 39-day old infant was one of those burnt alive

Baganis Ayrim village of Gazakh is not only a village that was the first victim of the policy of occupation of Azerbaijani lands at the end of the last century, but also a place where the greatest horror and tragedy of the world was experienced. Today, history shows that what happened in Baganis Ayrim was the first massacre committed by Armenians on Azerbaijani lands.
A period of 34 years separates us from that massacre. In the early hours of March 24, 1990, the Armenians brutally attacked Baganis Ayrim. Not sparing even the elderly, women or children, the village was shelled, 10 people were killed with unimaginable torture. This was the first time the world had witnessed the unseen savagery and cruelty of Armenians. That night, six residents, including one baby, were burned alive.