Seven most interesting types of recreation – REPORT from Shahdag

An interesting summer holiday is on everybody’s mind. While some prefer the seaside, others may opt for natural landscapes. However, there are also opportunities to make your rest more active. In general, active tourism is becoming increasingly popular these days. After all, extreme entertainment is a good remedy for getting rid of chronic fatigue. 
Khanim Nagiyeva, correspondent   
“When the Shahdag Tourism Center is mentioned, most people tend to associate it with winter tourism. However, it also offers different types of summer entertainment to people all ages and walks of life. This magnetic travel center is an irreplaceable destination for those fond of adrenalin.”  
It would not be an exaggeration to say that it is actually even more interesting here in the summer, as visitors can take advantage of the numerous types of entertainment available. Most of these are extreme. 
Many of these start with a cableway. 
Khanim Nagiyeva, correspondent  
“One of the most interesting types of mountain tourism is the cableway. Along with the winter months, there is tremendous interest in it in the summer at the Shahdag tourism center.” 
Climbing a height of 1,800 meters on the cableway is quite interesting. The 1,400-meter journey to the top and back takes 15 minutes. 
Driving an all-terrain vehicle along mountain roads is another entertainment. It is not particularly difficult to operate these powerful vehicles. After a brief instruction, you put on a protective helmet, the engines start roaring and the exciting ride along an allocated track begins.    
Another exciting type of entertainment is the zip-line. It starts from an altitude of 50 meters and moves along a cable at a speed of 20-25 kmh to a distance of 175 meters. It is absolutely safe. A training instructor fastens the belts and provides the necessary guidance. While sliding down, the key thing is not to touch the cable. 
Khanim Nagiyeva, correspondent  
If you are looking for more adrenalin, you can try the tandem parachute glider. The highest point here is 2,351 meters.”  
Jumping down from an altitude of more than 2 kilometers will make your adrenalin pump. The flight is performed together with the pilot. Prior to the flight, the pilot takes the necessary precautions. Flights at Shahdag are performed from different altitudes. The highest of these is 2,351, the second is 1,800 and the lowest is 1,600 meters. 
This is not all the entertainment the Shahdag Tourism Center has to offer. The small engineless cars resembling sports vehicles will bring you down the mountain. During the ride, the speed may reach 50 kmh. The length of the track envisaged for the bob carts is up to 1 kilometer. 
Tourists can also discover the surroundings in a Segway. Water slide is yet another popular recreation type. Jumping into the water from a height of 10 meters is quite a refreshing experience.  
There are other types of entertainment at Shahdag, and each of them is interesting in its own way. ​