Breathtaking Mirage Appears in East China

A resident living in Yantai City of east China's Shandong Province was stunned by the sight of a mirage that towered across the skyline on early Monday morning. Seen from the 17th floor where He Weiping lives at about 08:00, tall buildings and tower cranes appeared to rise up amid thick clouds. The patterns in the mirage are typically blurred and shimmering with a resemblance to human-made structures. They are similar to a reflection seen in water. "Every day I get up at 5:30. After I got up at 05:30 this morning, I came over to the kitchen and saw a building standing before me. I felt amazed and thought it might be a mirage. Later I believed it was because I've seen it in a TV program. It appears to be a reflection of the sea. I watched it somewhere else and found the image has moved to the sky. I felt it's beautiful and like a fairyland," said He. The miraculous scene lasted about four hours before disappearing at about 10:00. A mirage is a natural phenomenon in which light rays penetrating air layers of different densities are reflected to form an image of objects located far away.